FedEx Freight | FedEx Corporation Quarterly Report Q-1 FY19

That's not how any of this works.

An employee's wage is not contingent upon hypothetical economic conditions of what may/may not happen in the future.
If that's the case, why not take it further, and say "what if the economy grows by 25% in the next 5yrs,so pay them $75hr?"

Also,ours are trade jobs. No different than a plumber, electrician, pipe fitter, ect. Their pay is not contingent upon possible future economic conditions..

Lastly, if wages were increased, and the economy tanked, the same thing would happen that has always happened.
Do electricians get paid less when there is less work construction going on? No.

Bottom line. Cdl wages have stagnated over the last decade, and are far behind where they should be..

We make pretty good money if you get ot, I'm curious what you make at you're new job. I still think they should do away with bottom Gpd and only have 2 pay levels.
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