Fedex wreck

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Thats injuries. I love how they say the Fed-ex truck SLAMMED into another truck. In another posting they were side by side when it happened. Just goes to show you that The big name gets the blame. Makes it easier on the lawyers. BS! I'm just glad the drivers were alright.
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At least one guy was being the little loader....other guys it seems..had no masks on.
If the media is going to name drop they could at least post the names of both carriers in the title.
Glad to hear no one was injured. at least they got a couple trailer's and a truck they can scronge for part's now....LOL
The other truck involved was a Southwest Traders which I believe distributes to the Starbucks. One report said they were southbound which means at that point there is a strong possibility the Fed Ex driver came through downtown Houston with a HazMat load. It looks like there are placards displayed on one of the trailers. I know a lot of drivers that would haul HazMat loads through town just to save 10 or 15 minutes, but is it really worth it.
Undetected cracked right rear brake drum = undetected brake fire = wind whipped into trailers.

Seen several in my career, the fire markings tell the story.
On a closer inspection, the brakes 'S' cam turned over, locking the brake shoe: but the weight and horsepower drag wouldn't have been noticed in the cab, especially with an undercarriage stack, you wouldn't have noticed the smoke.
The fedex driver did not receive a ticket for the accident. The other driver rec'd a ticket for failure to control vehicle and maintain lane.

The fedex driver is in deep crap over the hazmat. Hazmat is restricted inside the inner loop (I-610) around Houston. The terminal he was headed to and wherever it was he was coming from was outside the loop area so he should have been on the loop. He was basically in downtown Houston when this accident occurred.

This will cost him his job, cost him a hell of a fine and also cost Fed Ex a hell of a fine. Saturday morning, he figures no DOT is around so he will cut 3-4 miles off of his trip. Litltle did he know how wrong he was!
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