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As far as obstacles, Seidl notes that Fedex’s fear of the proposed Federal Aviation Administration “reauthorization bill,” which would give unions more power, has faded, wiith the Senate looking less likely to pass the bill, and unions in various states being dealt set-backs in court.


the Senate has declared FedEx drivers as pilots

As for the “less-than-truckload,” or LTL, trucking business, Fedex dominates with 12% of the market, Seidl notes. He hopes Fedex won’t “flirt” with attempts it made last year to force trucker YRC Worldwide (YRCW) out of business by pushing rates way, way down.


While it appears that most carriers have given up on trying to push YRCW into the ditch, YRCW’s financial woes may resurface in 2011 (a year in which numerous deferred costs start to come back for the beleaguered unionized carrier).


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