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hello fellow abf employees, 1st of all i'd like to say that this is my first go around on this site so if im repeating anything thats been put out already i apologize, having said that there are a few things people should know before they vote on this concession package.
i work at the south chicago terminal (sch/034) and we had a meeting with local 710 on sunday 4/25/10. 710 has stated from the beginning that they will not endorse or try to "sell" this package to the members, and it's a stance that they still stand firm on at this time.
let's look at some salary info at abf ( this is not made up this was obtained on aol's stock page)
i took the time to break down a couple of salaries into weekly paychecks and the numbers were astronomical,

ROBERT DAVIDSON averages a WEEKLY salary of $17,835.00

WES KEMP averages a WEEKLY salary of $12,288.00

and let's not forget our union brother who is in favor of these concessions
mr. tyson johson

mr.johnson's salary for 2008 $219,000.00 for the year

in 2009 it increased to $226,000.00 for the year

you can look up johnson's salary (and all other ibt officers) using the following link http://erds.dol-esa.gov/query/orgReport.do simply copy and paste this link and use file number 000093

again these are not numbers made up by me these are the actual numbers that are reported.

i would say the average salary for any dockman/driver to be $50-$55,000.00 per year

i challenge any one of these outrageously paid individuals to DROP thier salaries to what we make and maintain thier current style of living.

also it must also be known that a supervisor at south chicago accidentally left a email on his computer screen that was sent to him by our operations manager, and it's has been said that several employees saw this email and it was to have said something to the effect of not to worry as this sacrifice will ONLY affect touch labor and not management.

if this concession goes through our rate of pay will go backwards by EIGHT YEARS.

abf stock has continued to go up and it is about to match its 52 week high.

abf is currently sending out a "poor us" dvd(i'm sure that was done for free right??)to all abf employees, please mark your envelope "return to sender" and send it right back and send the message that we have a contract and we do not want to talk until that contract expires.

if you are considering voting yes to this concession that is your right and you are certainly entitled to it, but keep one thing in mind this WILL cost you about $7100.00 a year THAT YOU WILL NEVER SEE AGAIN.
over the course of 3 years you are looking at a kickback of over $21,000.00

that could help put your children through college, or buy the car you need to travel back and forth to work everyday,or it could just be money you put away for that "rainy day" everyone talks about.

im not going to even try and compare us with yrc.
it's funny when things were going well in this industry and if any of us would of brought up anything about yrc management would tell us "this isnt yrc" but now that they want to reach into our pockets thats all they do is throw that in our faces-- well guess what we still are not yrc and we are in a much better position and we keep improving (stock numbers dont lie).

one final note to the voting teamsters of chicago -- we already gave our concessions-- how many YEARS did we work on the 7th day for time and a half when everyone else was making double time??? and even though we got the double time back it still is not right because we HAVE to work our 6th day to get double time on our 7th. 7th day work should be paid at double time REGARDLESS of working your 6th day or not.

i realize i may have jumped around on the info i posted here but i hope you all get the idea and i welcome any comments or feedback
Well said sayno2abf!!! Welcome to truckingboards!I don't think that they have a chance in hell for this crap to pass.
Excellent post brother, great job of giving hard facts. So you know I am on my way to the Union meeting for SNB 165 this morning, it is being held on the terminal dock, right under the camera and microphones. Our barn is very strongly against this. Similar to your idea of a protest the "poor us" DVD will be used as Frisbees' to entertain ourselves during the meeting.
Davidson makes or just under in 1 week what you all will be loosing in 3 years . These guys should be running Cook County They ain't no better than Strogger
[quote author=bud starkey link=topic=79614.msg825486#msg825486 date=1272512766]
Davidson makes or just under in 1 week what you all will be loosing in 3 years .
Davidson no longer works at ABF Judy McReynolds is the CEO at ABC. By the way our union rep just confirmed that Ms McReynolds has been with ABC for 12 years, before that she was an executive with Wal-Mart at corporate in Bentonville Ark.
You are right gila he is retired BUT he still gets millions in pension and stock options!!! fact
[quote author=hoffa link=topic=79614.msg825595#msg825595 date=1272558912]
You are right gila he is retired BUT he still gets millions in pension and stock options!!! fact
Your right I may have misread the way you meant ur post, and don't forget he gets the hunting club membership paid by ABF.
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