Estes | FEMA - Any MidWest drivers going West?


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For anyone heading down to give a hand in Florida (FEMA) , thank you. I hope you make a lot of money and help a lot of people.


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At my terminal it’s normally the same guys that go over and over, it’s like a club and if you aren’t in you aren’t going, no matter how much seniority you have.
Same thing im told at my terminal. Everytime same guys at the top of the page instead of rotating them down to bottom once they did it they call on the same guys every single time.


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Precisely, they can be city drivers as well. Sometimes they actually work but in a lot of cases it’s a bunch of sitting around, mileage may vary. Get a small taste of how wasteful our wonderful government is and it really makes one resent paying taxes, the waste is mind boggling and it’s so minute in the grand scheme of things.
Our drivers that got picked were told to keep their mouths shut and just do what they were told down there. Didnt know if they would be sleeping in a truck or what just go and play the game.


I worked for fuel company from TX that specializes in ‘emergency fuel’. Although I personally never was dispatched to a disaster areas( all volunteers), coworkers that did go told me all the fueling was limited to government vehicles, and generators that supplied government buildings.
Sales to the general public was strictly forbidden.
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