SEFL | Final Mile Driver


TB Lurker
What's the hourly rate for a final mile driver at Southeastern Freight Lines(box truck) and since it doesn't require a cdl does the age reflect on the position? How is the job, is it fast paced or more of take your time?
Top Final Mile pay is $3 under top P&D pay so top Final Mile pay would be somewhere around $29.50. Often drivers start $2.00 under top pay but get auto increase of .50 every 6 months so at top pay in 2 years. As for pace, it is not like UPS or Fed Ex small package pace, but honestly i don’t know any jobs in LTL that are “take your time”. I am P&D but I have filled in for final mile probably 12 days over last few years. You have a good many stops but the truck is so easy to maneuver in traffic that you save so much time verses a tractor trailer. I didn’t have any problems with the workload and I enjoyed filling in. not sure on the age question. Good luck to you
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