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POLITICS Finally,someone stepped out for some fresh air

Discussion in 'Washington D.C.' started by kantgetryte, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. kantgetryte

    kantgetryte Well-Known Member

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  2. autocar65

    autocar65 Local 767

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    Ok, this is reasonable. And it is one of the first acts of Hillary's campaign, but that is ok with me. But understand that this is Bill who has no fetters on what he can say because he is not running. Just like Obama can pretty well say "Stuff It" because of term limits. If Obamacare is to be gotten rid of, or amended into something reasonable, it is up the the Democrats to get it done. Republicans have shown that they don't have enough Huevos for the fight, they tell their Jr. Senators to "Sit down and shut up" unlike the Democrats who actually promote from within. This is how Obama got elected after all, he was articulate, charming and new.

    Imagine if the demise of the Republican party is brought on not by Democrats like Kerry, Obama and Clinton but by McCain, Grahamn and Rove. All because they decided to hold on to what they have today instead of seeing the Republican leadership of the future and allowing it to develop. This is just as much an act of selfishness on the part of the establishment GOP as anything the Democrats are doing. Democrats want rid of the Tea Party as does the establishment GOP. This is an area that both D's and R's seem to agree on.

    And while we are fixated on Obamacare, they are working behind our back on immigration reform. Bill Clinton and his comments may be part of this diversion. I hope not but Bill is also a confirmed liar. Is he not?
  3. Woody

    Woody pecker Champion

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    It's like watching "One flew over the Koo ko's nest"..... A million tiMes...lol
  4. Magoo

    Magoo You don't have to be Einstein to figure it out

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    I need you to hold still please, sir while we take a poll

  5. Bubba74

    Bubba74 I live Here

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    Bill is separating Hilly from Barry

    If the Dems get slaughtered in 2014 (which despite the BS from Debbie Wasserman Schultz) is a very realistic possibility, he want Hilly to be as far away as possible,

    of course we could always ask

  6. sharpshooter

    sharpshooter Well-Known Member

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    You forgot CLEAN

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