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POLITICS First It Was "Illegal"

Discussion in 'Washington D.C.' started by Bubba74, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. Bubba74

    Bubba74 I live Here

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    I have recently discovered a new word that the Democrats do not know the meaning of


    When your health insurance goes from $50 a week to $250 a week, that is not really "affordable"

    However they keep preaching how "affordable" Barry Care

    I guess this would fall under the same catagory as "illegal" alien where the DEms have proved over the years that they do not know what "illegal" means.
  2. Toby

    Toby Well-Known Member

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    Word games by the Dems? Who would have guessed. They have tried to change the definition or all out make words politically correct that they do not approve of.
  3. Northern Flash

    Northern Flash Where is the apology for lying? AD-FREE USER

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    This thread needs to be shut down immediately because you guys are just racists.:biglaugh:

    Illegals deserve to be treated just like our regular contributing citizens or else you are a racist.
    The insurance premiums going up only proves that you guys are racists because you hate Obama.

    There. I thought that I'd fill in for our resident left wing Barry lovers.

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