Five Seeing Habits


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Aim High In Steering
  • Imaginary target — baseball/dart board.
  • Centers car in traffic lane. Safe path on turns.
  • Find a safe path well ahead

Get The Big Picture
  • How wide and deep? What’s in it? Objects and ground.
  • Keeps you away from billboards. Smooth stops and turns. Buys time.
  • Stay back and see it all.

Keep Your Eyes moving
  • Move eyes. Front: 2 seconds. Rear: 5-to-8 seconds.
  • Keeps you alive at intersections. Keeps eyes ahead of car.
  • Scan — don’t stare.

Leave Yourself An Out
  • Have an escape out. Take path of least resistance.
  • Space on all four sides, but always in front.
  • Be prepared. Expect the unexpected.

Make Sure They See You.
  • Communicate in traffic — horn, lights, signals.
  • Establishes eye-to-eye contact.
  • Don’t gamble. Use your horn, lights, and signals.
  • Orange safety cone procedure (pending)

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