Estes | Florida Toll Road

It was supposed to be changed over to EZ pass last year guess Florida is still behind
Thanks for the reply back
I was checking for a friend heading that way
I've heard that it's changing to ez pass first of the year. We got pre pass plus for all of our extra trucks so the won't have to have trucks specifically designated for Florida. Currently we have several trucks that only go to Florida on bag runs because thy have sun pass.
It's 30 extra miles running Jacksonville and down. Which is around $20 diesel fuel. Its not hard to spend $50 running the turnpike all the way to the bottom. The sunpass shaves off a small amount at each plaza and allows you to ease by much faster. Running the turnpike also lets you miss a couple coops although they give the green light most of the time. If your paying with cash. You don't save much time after the stopping and starting time is figured in.