FedEx Freight | Freight barn in Anaheim


TB Lurker
Hey everyone!

I noticed they're hiring city drivers in Anaheim. Anyone on here from there? I'm looking to get some insight on the terminal. How many drivers? How much weight inbound and outbound? Is there plenty of work to go around? How many hours are the newer guys getting? How much territory does the barn cover?

I've been thinking about working for FedEx for a while. This is one of the first city driver openings I've seen in a while and I'm very curious.

Any insight you guys would be willing to share would be greatly appreciated.

I retired from FXF Anaheim in 2011 when they had the merger and was offered the severance package to retire early. I'm sure there have been many changes at FXF since then but one thing that hasn't changed in Anaheim is the TM. Mike is a great TM. I was a line driver, but all the local drivers stayed busy. You do have another FXF terminal in Orange just 4 miles away. FXF has two hubs in the area, one in Mira Loma and the other in Devore. Good Luck TP
The best ones were when he answers the phone from the FLC no matter what he's in the middle of "doing"...:kicking::o
All those lonely nights on 395 Beccccccccccccccccky started to look a lot better. Once I learned how to turn off the power to the fence we became a lot closer. Mikie has been the TM at Anaheim for many years. Great guy to work for.