Politics | From The Guy That Got 81 Million Votes

Northern Flash

Big Boy Toys
Notice how our resident Biden bootlickers never comment on all of these gaffes?
This is the most incompetent buffoon to ever live on Pennsylvania Ave. And quite frankly, this is also the most incompetent generation(s) of voters in American history.
They are allowing our nation to be destroyed from within, but they're too stupid to realize it. They'll finally wake up after it's too late to fix.


TB Veteran
Let’s see, lie after lie. Unbelievable. Got laughed at, got booed. Here’s the sad thing this man can’t probably form words. He needs to be in one of his top secret storage homes enjoying life.

Second point, as the camera panned the various members of the house I noticed a difference. The women of democrats are some ugly things that you don’t want to meet in a dark alley and the republican women are pretty good looking.