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any1 know where we can find a full copy of what they are demanding from us?
the things they have hanging around the shop are incomplete , the great teamster leader has no answers and the big wig trying to force feed us this crap said he wasnt here to answer any questions . where do we find the 6 pages of work rules they want changed.?


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Brother have you tried Teamster website...I get my information on tdu.org everthing you asked about is accessible on front page no log in required...


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My thought on this is ,yrcw wants a no vote so they can say the teamsters shut it down.The teamsters want a yes vote so the can blame the company when they go bankrupt and shut down.All they are doing now is playing the blame game so neither one looks bad in the media,because we know how much billy z and jr like being on tv and talking like they no there :****: .We will be the losers no matter which way the vote goes.


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i truely believe that if we vote no they will NOT close the doors.

I truly believe you are correct. YRC starts every meeting by saying there is no plan "B". If they told us there was a plan "B", do you think we would vote yes? They are wasting too much time and effort trying to get this passed. All I ask is they they bargain in good faith, and show the workers what they are planning to do different. If they were going to close down, why waste the time on a reverse split.