FedEx Freight | FXF Driver Apprentice School or stay with Dayton Freight

Thanks for the info! How much dock work are you doing now that you passed the program?? I guess the thing I’m worried about is not passing thru a part of the driving program and then getting kicked out and having to work the dock for 6 months before having another shot. I work the dock at Dayton with a lot of guys who worked the dock at Fed Ex and they’ve all said its not the greatest environment. So if I’m stuck there for 6 months it wouldn’t be the greatest situation.

I don’t have any driving experience so not sure how hard the program would be for me. I talked w my manager last night and he agreed to have me start spotting so I have that going for me at least.

All I have left to do at Fed Ex is the drug test.

It depends on the Terminal you need to ask your terminal manger. As a driver you will need to move freight.
We were short of drivers I moved quick. A second driver (he did not have his permit) started about the same time and he has been on the dock for 3+ months should be starting CDL training this month. Also things change FedEx is a big ship with a lot of captains. My training was changed and moved out 2+ weeks. I was lucky we had School books to deliver and I was a ride along to help move pallets of books. This was fun-----NOT, books and schools are sometimes a up hill battle.
I am on the west coast and it looks like FedEX (in my area) is hiring blitz right now, one driver has move up with 12+- drivers under him in his first year. I have 3 under me in 6+- months.
Here is simple advice if you sign the contract do the job, if you don't like the job don't sign. I am still new but have drank the Kool Aid and like the job. For the most part I am in the terminal for a limited part of my day and the rest I am left alone to do the job. Its a good job, I have heard some terminals can be a bitch.
As for how often I move freight everyday, from the nose to the tail, from the lift gate to were the customers wants it (in policy), To resetting my trailer because it was loaded alphabetically instead of by zip code. The guys on the dock get the fork lifts I get a busted pallet jack.
Good luck