ABF | Game-plan advice, please


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First, let me say that I am learning CDL through Alliance with a month left. Next, please know that the only reason I am getting CDL is so I can get a union job. My question: How likely is it that ABF would hire me if I had two DWIs from 20 years ago? Actually, that is my first question. I will wait for an answer.

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Right now you are gonna need two years experience to get on here but that may well change when they cant get any drivers. Holland was developing a training system before they got bought and the economy tanked. Abf had something going as well but that dried up too. I expect it to come back as soon as they get really busy and cant hire enough experienced people.
Thank you for the optimistic response. I already intend to drive for experience, and I know ABF typically needs experience before they hire.
However, I am chiefly concerned with those two DWIs from 20 years ago first. If someone can shed some light on that issue first, I can start worrying about other hurdles.
I can't help you with those DWI's but ABF is self insured so at least it's not an issue that an insurance company will dictate to them. You can call them and see if you can get an answer. It would only take HR a minute to answer you one way or the other. Being honest and upfront on your past is essential and they might see you coming right out with it as a plus. As for the experience/training you would have to check the area you intend to work at and it may depend on that area. They used to hire new CDL holders at least in some areas and that may depend on the old supply and demand balance. Those newly licensed drivers still had to go to an ABF accredited school for further training but the company paid for it.