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I understand Mr. Sasser owns Averitt. Is he actively involved in running the business or is he more of a silent owner? And does he have family in the business to carry on after him?
he has a management team in place . he makes an appearance at orientation if he's in town. visits terminals and if i remember correctly his daughter is with the company
He is still 100% involved in daily operations. His latest interest in building warehouses near the big service centers. He has a team in place and being groomed for the day he retires. He will quickly tell you that Averitt is much bigger than Gary Sasser and will be in business long after he steps down. He is in the best health he has ever been and is still going strong. He doesn't have any children. He recently called me, as he does everyone who transfers,to congratulate me on my recent transfer to City P&D after 25 years of running Shuttle.
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