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i have been full time city driver classification since april 1st, 2010

i am STILL being paid part time wages....have not got my $3 an hour pay raise and am getting less hours then before....i was counting on the $3 an hour raise to make up for the hours being cut

i have filed grievances, i have talked to the business agent....nothing gets done, no grievence hearings....i bet i wont even get back pay

there excuse is that for some reason the paperwork hasnt gone through yet so they cant get my pay switched over....there full of sh** :rant: :rant: :rant:
im also suppose to get the $1.05 raise after 45 working days

i can guarantee you 100% that will not happen no matter what the contract says, and i am sure i will have to fight to get every scheduled pay raise

ive never worked for a company like this before
i just got off the phone with my TM, he said it was the backround check that took unusually long for me

he said yesterday will be my fulltime seniority date and when my raise will take effect, but i have been performing full time work since april 1st

also during space and visibility they payed me part time wages, everybody else they ever hired OR promoted from the dock got paid full time thru space and visibility...the TM told me he didnt know what to tell me about that, he said the union business agent was there the whole time, but im going to call him to talk to him sure it will take me 2 more weeks just to get a hold of him, this guy never answers the phone
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