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CENTRAL TRANSPORT glad i got out

Discussion in 'Central Transport' started by Iceman1257, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Iceman1257

    Iceman1257 Member

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    i just couldnt do it. i was suposed to go to ct last monday. but i just couldnt do it. i felt it was a bad deal for me.
    i went through a buyout before. and i just didnt have the energy to fight and find my place over at ct.
    so i resigned the best way i knew how to. and walk away and not look back, it was a weight lifted off of my shoulders.
    so all of you that stayed have fun with that. me im on vacation till a good job that i can retire from and be happy at comes open.
  2. luci

    luci Active Member

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  3. Company Man

    Company Man Active Member

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    Good for you. Hope a better deal comes along for you soon.

    I'm gone just as soon as ODFL comes through.. I've got a lot of folks inside OD pulling levers for me..which I appreciate. It's a slow time of year, so I don't expect their TM to move rapidly, but ya never know.. I'm patient.

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