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Happy New Year!
It's New Years Eve 2021.
If we don't go anywhere, my wife and I usually go out and bring home stuff to snack on. Good aged cheeses. Cut up some meats. Maybe get some shrimp or lobster.....make or mix or buy some sauces or dips.....and just love snacking and eating.
So.....I was thinking about it...and got a pound of kielbasa out...started cutting it....and ate 3/4 of we must go get some more.

Anyways.....this is the greatest stuff on earth and it's an hour and a half drive for me.(I'd have clogged arteries and weigh 500lbs if I lived any closer)...but I suggest everybody get some before they die. You must. When our kids were young my parents friends would bring some down to stock up. We'd get 6 pounds or so....Id tell the kids to eat up and enjoy now....because when they went to would not be here in the morning. I could eat the whole thing. That's one food I had no control over. Delicious.

The thread is a good food brand named stuff...local stuff...homemade recipes....or whatever.
Just good food.....mmmmmmmm.
Can't go wrong with good food.
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Aren’t all those type meats vaccinated with nitrates? And other chemicals that can cause heart and cancer problems?( asking for all of us bastards)
We need mandates calling on more people to eat more unhealthy food.
If we listen to the science crowd we will only be allowed rice, air, and water.
There is more for them then.
Rice,air,water, and lots of work.
And they are already cutting back air consumption with a mask...they want all the air....none for you.
Eat fattening food before they make it illegal.
Take a US Choice A steak. As thick as you like it.

HEAT a skillet non stick big enough to hold that thing.

Spray it with that grill spraying olive oil thing. Flap steak on there. It should start cooking fast. You can handle up to two inches of steak of top quality by cooking 10 minutes first side.

Spray all of it, flap. Cook that side 8 minutes.

Add a touch of worchester and seasononing. FLAP.

Cook 6 minutes. Now by this time this steak should be almost telling your nose I am steak.

Final flap and make sure she cooks without excessive smoking until your nose screams I AM STEAK.

Toss onto big plate. Leave it be for 3 minutes or more.

Come back to it. Chop in half with your favorite steak knife. What comes out should be done just so. And that it is motivating to you to have a go eating that for dinner.
Steak taters cooked. Beef Gravy on them. They have to be steak taters. Anything less like say crinkle cut is not steak taters. Your beef gravy can come from the heinz pre made mix. Nuke it in a dish, pour onto the fries. All of it. Dump it in there. Set aside to cool.

While everything is cooking, grab dish. Munch salad and trimmings with dressings to start. Have some bread to go with that. Big fluffy flaky rolls from the oven usually does it. A pile can feed everyone.

Work on your steak and fries and gravy. When finished with that proceed to your standard onion fried batter rings. Finish them off. If you are still pulling upgrade with this meal, get out some red wine or standard beer to taste and get the ice cream out. Scoop the kids first then yourself.

Spend the rest of the night in a big slow chair working on your drinks and smoke slowly. You wont be doing too much tonight.

However come morning be out of bed bright and early strong enough to run 2000 miles straight through. No breakfast needed.
This is not "great" food but it's filling.
I am no chef.

But this thing costs around $5 hanging on random hangers throughout a grocery store with other gadgets.
You scramble your eggs.
Pour them into both sides.
Microwave for a little over a minute.
Then you throw some cheese and whatever meat or whatever in there and close it and microwave another minute and a half.

Quick, filling omelette. And a super quick cleanup. That's what's nice.
Of course a pan fried omelette is much better but I'm no chef artist and make a mess of them....they are more like a mess skillet on a plate than an omelette made by me.
Whoa....heres an idea.
Kielbasa cheesesteak.
Don't forget steamed cabbage and Kielbasa.
I'll have to tell ya this because it was pretty good.
I picked up a couple salmon pinwheels stuffed with crabmeat at the seafood section of the grocery store.
I use a 6x6 by 2" tall piece of glass cookware with a lid.
I put about a half inch of pure maple syrup on the bottom and cover the top of it with about an eighth inch of garlic powder across the top.
I mix it and flip the pinwheels in it a couple times to coat it.
Put the pinwheels in and throw almost 3/4 stick of butter ontop. Cover it and bake for 18 minutes at 435.

Nap time.
Grab some sirloin lean ground.

Fry it until it pops in the skillet. Drain.

Grab big 5 gallon crock or something large. Put that cooked ground in the bottom.

Throw in taters how you like it as a layer on top of that in the bottom.

Grab enough beef broth and pour until its covering both the meat and taters in the bottom of the pot.

Toss a bunch of corn in a layer down there. Pave a layer of diced tomatoes, Then onions, celery and carrots. Add some more beef broth.

Chop a few jalapeno peppers. Emphasis on a few. Toss them in there. Gonna be spicy. Throw in just a small amount of virgin olive oil etc. A touch of Worcester or whatever it is you use to flavor the thing in your area.

Toss whatever else you think to include in that basic stew. Fill the crock with beef broth until about half a inch from lid for expansion.

Cook half a day first 4 hours on high. Rest on low. Your nose will tell you when the stew is ready.
Ive learned to appreciate our Bar-S Sausages, polish. These come out of Texas close to us.

The rest of the foods come from the east coast and they dont ship this far south.

There is a bacon packed in Larimae Wyoming area, buy it by the case. Good thick proper bacon. None of that thin store crap anywhere. It would take us about three days to get up there to get a pallets worth. Something to keep in mind once i get that old beast fixed.
I don't touch alcohol. But I do like nonalcoholic beer to change up from my Gold Peak Sweet Tea and coffee.
Especially when the weather starts getting nice.

So....I picked a terrible one to my taste this weekend. Clausthaler. It's not to my liking. Too strong and heavy and bitter.

I do like the Heineken and Beck's and O'Douls nonalcoholic beers.
Those I like. Not so heavy and more watered down to make it more of a drink than a heavy meal or something.
Beers are not that easy to consume.

If you had say... Stoltz, Natty Boh or similar Lagers you can drink to ompah music all day. It will take you about that long to fill up on the food content of that beer and get something out of it besides.

If you tried Samuel Adams, Ales or heavy beers you will suffer a form of fizz brain followed by bloat after half a can. Pretty much erases your man card at that point.

I have seen people buy cases, as in 24, 32 cans every weekend and get blotto and buy another case monday to friday. Make that three cases and go from there. How they can drink that much is beyond my understanding.

They DO NOT drink that long in life. Gone by 35. Dead. However happy they were.

What I know I cannot stand is lite, diet or non alky beers. You might as well dunk into any toilet and draw the fluids for your trouble.

I have had beer in trucking if whiskey was iffy or not available rather than drinking the local known bad water. It was way safer to reject the bad tap water and have a sealed can or two of beer with the food and be on your way.
Part two.

Regarding whiskey, when I was in my 20's I particpated in a very stupid game. Four of us ranging from 250 down to 140 or so sit at the table. Each of us had a 10.00 bottle of Jack Daniels straight in front of us. Thats 4 bottles. Maybe a quart.

You have 5 minutes by stopwatch to get that entire bottle down. Then you needed to be the last one still vertical in your chair within 10 minutes time.

The problem with that was those with the heavier bodies endured the alcohol absorb longer and won. When they eventually passed out, their breathings stopped and that was a problem.

Me? I made it to about the 8th minute. I dont know much about the next three weeks after. It took 5 weeks total to erase the alcohol intoxication. It should have killed me but did not. It was very acute that night. I did have someone with me as the others too so.. it worked out. At the cost of about three days and two nights missing from my life. It took that long to wake up properly.

Fast forward decades. I have no desire to be in that kind of drinking. But that would be one possible path to a early death. Its not ideal.