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Good News From The PBGC! Fund Applications Are Starting To Get Approved!


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Good Afternoon Pension Warriors! PLEASE SHARE!
Earlier today we sent out the Good News regarding the approval of the SFA for Road Carriers Local 707 Pension Plan. In the recent weeks, the following SFA Applications have been approved, and in the case of Local 138, received payment:
12/21/21 Local 138 Pension Plan, Baldwin, NY representing 1,723 participants
1/18/22 Local 138 receives $112.6 million payment from the PBGC
1/18/22 Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 5 New York Retirement Fund Pension Plan, Newburgh, NY representing 821 participants. SFA Application approved by PBGC
1/19/22 Road Carriers Local 707 Pension Plan, Hempstead, NY representing 3,804 participants.
SFA Application approved by PBGC

News & Policy | Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (pbgc.gov)


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Great news! a salute to those who started the movement, A question still out there is, if a retiree dies before plan is approved and funded, does their spouse/ estate receive the retro money, some say yes some say no, you say?


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