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Was watching a movie called Wall Street the other night.Could we be the Blue Star company of the freight industry?I know our numbers dont look as good as the afformentioned above.eventually yrc and yrcw could be a valuable multimillion even possibly billion dollar company to is possible.fortune500 company.a large transportation network spanning the globe.looks attractive to some entity

The original movie and just so you know they are making a sequel :

Yeah,I saw that they are making a sequel.glad that you didn't think the topic was idiotic.why wouldn't an entity want to buy this company.when things get on track.yrc and yrcw will make billions.all the pieces are in place.I dont think its a far fetched dream
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Im an optimist.

ditto, the recovery is on its way, lets see if its has legs to continue. never know where we could be in a couple years from now. it would be great great if we just look back at these bad times and say " man remember thoses days, thank god it behind us"
Yes the times we are in isn't good.wonders how much of what goes on here isn't somewhat fabricated.paycuts,pension sure yrcw is going to ride this horse as long as they can.
They should have another sequel to that Wall Street movie. Instead of Wall Street, have the 309/YRC Management. Show the world their business ethics on how to run and ruin a company out of Chicago.
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