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Great Southern bought by Ryder Truck Lines who married PIE & On & On


Just passing thru on my way home
Ryder acquired Miller Motor Lines of Greensboro and renamed it Ryder Tank Lines in
They bought 10 new B 65s in 57 for Charlotte.
Was later sold to Chemical Lehman Tank Lines.
They operated out of the Charl terminal.
Drivers belonged to local 71.
Thanks Breezy I knew you would tell the story. I knew P.I.E. was big into tankers at one point but not Ryder.


drivers that start off now driving new tractors with power steering air ride seats and A C couldnt last a week driving the old trucks that started it all. To me beeing in the older generation that that could handle and make it through those hard times and hard trucks and beeing a 35 year teamster makes me feel kind of proud . .
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