Greensboro NC Fatal crash blamed on women trucker talking on cell phone.


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Thanks for your observation of this crash scene Jeff.
All the more reason that nobody should be distracted by a cell phone conversation,in my opinion.
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I have a feeling there's a lot more to this story and I am usually right.
[/quote] I agree, I wonder who was driving that sports car and what they were doing. just saying
The sports car driver may well have been texting or talking on a cell phone or otherwise somehow distracted.
The POINT being the truck driver WAS DISTRACTED by talking on her cell phone and thus IS TO BLAME for part of if not the entire accident/wreck.

>>I talk on a cell phone occasionally when in me 4 wheeler yet I'm usually either in very light traffic (no vehicle/vehicles near me) or I am stopped<<
Same applies when in a CMV and it's a DISTRACTION I can do without.
If a cell phone chat is that important, THEN STOP AND TALK!!
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This morning I was recalling how PEACEFUL the roads were before computers, portable dvd players and cell phones. LESS DISTRACTIONS made safer driving compared to the last 20 years.
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