Happy New Year!

Happy New Year.

23's gone. 24's already late and suns fixing to come up.

I have spent the last part of 23 making ready for battle. Medical directives set, funeral home double checked (Paid for years ago) and the Law checked in addition to the vehicles, weapons and all that checked and TOD paperwork on file. One account with Social Security separated to just itself. When I go, SSA will claw that back and that account will be closed by the bank that day. Everything else is set in their own order.

I actually had some planned purchasing that will happen in 24, and some of that is actually on hold. I have testing and so on pending and will know if I will see 2025 or not.

Oh yes 2024 is going to be something. God made me one day long ago and I was a trucker. I managed to get away with playing at tonka trucks for all these years and now Big Daddy is calling from the Pearly Gates.

Well dont you know it? Im late. HE doesnt know yet.

Happy New Year. God help us all.