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TB Lurker
Great job on the latest healthcare handout. As usual the IT department did a knockout job riddled with errors. I guess this rollout was a byproduct of

First off those of us who don't sit in an office and don't have access to company e-mail you give a paper handout.The links that you give are 65-67 characters long. upper case, lower case, and numbers Try to type that into a browser without a typo. You must know there is ways to make a link shorter.

If you login to your company HR website following the given instructions the first link "Union Cover Letter" is all about the non -Union employees.

Then if you go to the Employee Health Care Enrollment Form the tab opens with the name Spencer Industries on it. I guess someone couldn't be bothered to rename the file.

Now this part doesn't have to do with the IT department but is a contradiction the Union agreement that we are still working under. Page seven of the "Union benefits at a glance" says "Medical: All levels of coverage are company paid" in big bold letters. But then you want a form returned for payroll deductions. Trying to backdoor us again David?

Now compare the plans between the nons and the Union workers. For the price of my dues, $63, I get better coverage plus Union representation.

For those who are having a hard time getting the links here they are:
For the Union members: Brainshark

For the Non-Union slaves: Brainshark