Holland | Heard this from a 4 month newbie to me a 25 yr man

Hope you have a recliner, that it will be your bed for about 2 weeks.
Not a fun time.
Didn't need cuff repair but did tear off biceps muscle which took me out for 3 months. Just had to clean up the cuff when he repaired muscle. And of course it was my right arm thats the side i like to sleep on. But all good now
SSSSHHHHH nobody was supposed to know about that, now I'm a "SORE" loser but have much more respect for Donna. I guess signing all those checks for bridges and boardwalks has made her that way

Thought you signed a "dont ask, don't tell" agreement about those checks?
Newbie dudes got the world handed to them , like FULL pay after only 30 days & we had to work 3 yrs and they can just walk in off the street & get a job handed to them & are shiftless slow workers , in 2019 IF they don't match the higher Non-union pay scale , don't know how they will stay in business with not be able to hire driver's at the lowest pay in trucking ........r.i.p.
I only had to work thirty days to get full scale. Long time ago!!!!!