Heavy fog cited in tractor-trailer crash

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    BENNINGTON -- Police said heavy fog led to a tractor-trailer overturning on Route 7A near the junction with Route 7 early Tuesday morning.

    Difficult to locate

    Bennington Police Lt. Paul Doucette said police responded to a report of an overturned tractor-trailer unit around 4:20 a.m. The fog was so think it took several minutes to locate the truck, police said.

    "It was extremely foggy -- very, very foggy at the time of the incident," he said.

    The truck, registered to All Metals Recycling in Morrisville, was on its passenger side, according to Doucette, but the driver, 24-year-old Lance Patch of Hyde Park was out of the truck and unharmed. ....................

    Heavy fog cited in tractor-trailer crash - Bennington Banner
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    Screwed that KW up real good.

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