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    In 1967 I worked for the tanker operation out of Martinez, CA. Wonder if anybody remembers that?

    Tanker work got slow in 1968, so I want to the heavy haul/flatbed division which still operated under the the name of the authority it bought, Clark Farnsworth. The LWB Freightliners were standard CF green. The decals were inconsistent, some of the rigs said "Consolidated Freightways" and some said "Clark Farnsworth." We had yards in Long Beach, Martinez, Medford, Eugene, Portland, and Seattle -- about the same as the West Coast tanker operation. There was another tanker operation in Idaho and Montana. None of our yards were at the regular freight yards. About the only time we went into them was to fuel. Our yard in Seattle was nearer the Sears store/warehouse off of the I-5 Michigan off-ramp. I left CF at the end of 1970 to become a firefighter in Richmond, CA. I only got fired once from CF but got my job back after winning the grievance. The heavy haul/flatbed boss hated me. I returned the favor.
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