Here is a cool pic

One of those looked like a older S model Intl on that Carolina.

However where is the old R models with the Dominion and other lines? Surely that cannot be all thats left of them.
That old freightshaker. Spine hurts looking at it.

However thats either a brockway or a autocar possibly next picture down. I had a old 84 autocar for a while once. Loved on that thing. Boss man was thinking I had gone nuts taking care of it. there has been only two trucks worthy of that love. A old 75 daycab freight shaker with the 13 on a 425 cat and that autocar. It did have one failing. A wee bit stiff on that suspension at times.

I can imagine some of our esteemed 21's would whine if faced with that Autocar. I would not be afraid to take it to Donner in winter.
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