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We had two guys in Scranton that work for Johnson before they got hired in the 80s at New Penn but I don’t know if that’s the same Johnson trucking company any way to New Penn terminal I’m in Scranton used to be Associated
It is.


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Lazy J's Charl terminal was located at Graham and 28St before moving to interstate 85.
Their shop (AKA) Commercial Equipment was on Dalton Ave.
If I'm not mistaken Commercial owned Johnson.
I was offered a job with them in 55 as a mechanic when I started with Ryder.
He said he was willing to pay me what I was worth, I knew I couldn't live on that so I chose Ryder to drive a big ole transfer truck.


I recall approximately 5.42 an hour in 72. 2 years later an 1.07 increase!! What would that increase translate into in today's dollars?
$6.49 an hour was a good paying job in 1974. I was making more an hour than my Dad was with thirty years working for Michigan Bell.
The price of things were so much lower in 1974 compared to today.
I quit smoking when the price of cigarettes went up to fifty cents a pack!
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