Here is the main reason I don't play the lottery giving up your indenity to claim the winings.

Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by Apostolic, Feb 6, 2018.

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    I would have to find a rattlesnake with a degree in law since there is not a lawyer on this planet I trust.
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    i know, but frankly, i have 3. yes, 3 attorneys.

    actually 4, if i include a real estate attorney as well.

    it would all be put into writing. of course, anyone of them, would get his fee.
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    Yet One still has substantially MORE than the original cost of the playing card.

    (Apostolic, Post # 17)
    True however like that person in court, if such "winner" took the appropriate steps to insure Confidentiality in collection of said "winnings", such steps would, possibly or probably ensure Privacy (except of course for immediate close Friends and Family who, one would hope, would not annihilate the implemented Privacy). Suggestions might be: Hiring a Bodyguard or 2, retaining a couple of Attorneys (one for Legal bits, one for Property {Will, Trustfund, Expenditures, etc.} BEFORE accessing newly acquired Wealth, but few People entertain such ideas (as far as my information allows), so they fall victim to "spend it on Partying then whine when they become Destitute (broke)".
    If somehow the wife and/or I fell into such monetary affordability, WE would worry for not AND WE would be free of Bills as WE would not "buy expensive crap" to clearly show our new found affluence, yet WE would definitely MOVE out of our current abode.

    Money Does Not Buy Happiness, But It Provides The Ability To Be Happy.

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