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Hiring on at PFG

Discussion in 'PFG' started by G-Mann, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. G-Mann

    G-Mann New Member

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    I am 49 yrs old, 50 pounds over weight. Is it realistic for me to even think about doing this kind of work? I've done food service before twenty five years ago but at this age it makes me wonder.

    I have a road test and two interviews scheduled on the 12th here in Ca.
  2. DonRobbie

    DonRobbie Active Member

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    We have some older fellas and some fellas who are a little plump. Big thing is to not hurt yourself while you're getting back in the groove. There is a physical test before you hire in but even coming off of a few years OTR (and being 100+ overweight) I was able to pass it without much grief.
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