Hoffa punishes the six IBT VPs not on his slate


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On May 27, Southern California Local 572 rank-and-file Teamster Frank Halstead hosted the “What the Hec” radio show, also known as Local 804 Radio. The whole three hour show was great. But I call your attention to a nine minute segment where Frank explained how Hoffa punished all six vice presidents who dared to run against Hoffa's cronies, and beat them.

Basically, Hoffa stripped Kim Schultz's Local 2011 of its charter, stripped John Palmer of his Teamster organizing job, and ordered the six to attend NO Local Union meetings, NO grievance panels, or almost anything else. This is all because of the Old Guard's hate for reformers, and desire for vengeance against ANYBODY who DARES to challenge their Kingdom.


The segment runs from the 2 hour and 41 minute mark until the 2 hour 50 minute mark.
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