TForce | Hoffa's goons do an encore performance during Fred Zuckerman's nomination


TB Lurker
This morning, Thursday, in the Paris Ballroom of the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, some 38 year Teamster dared to try to get himself nominated for Teamsters General President, challenging Daddy's Evil Spawn, Junior Hoffa.

The first two minutes of this video show some of the seconding speech for Fred Zuckerman, and Fred's acceptance. The goons succeeded in drowning out Fred's voice. But Fred's acceptance is valid, and this evening at about 8 p.m. Pacific, it will be announced by the Election Supervisor that Fred did get more than the 5% of delegate votes required to get Fred's name on the October/November ballots for all Teamsters to vote on.

Fred's running mate Tim Sylvester of Local 804 in New York City, a candidate for General Secretary-Treasurer, will also be on the October/November ballots. So will seven Teamsters United candidates for At-Large VP, four candidates for Central Region VP, three candidates for Eastern Region VP, two candidates for Southern Region VP, and three candidates for International Trustee.

Wednesday evening, the three Teamsters United candidates for Western Region VP didn't get enough delegate votes to be on the October/November ballots. They needed 22 votes from Western delegates only, (which was 5% of the Western delegates voting) but they only got 19, 18, and 16 votes. Also, Teamsters United did not have any delegates from the Canadian Region, so they did not field any candidates for the three Canadian positions on the Teamsters General Executive Board.

Here's the results of the Regional VP candidate voting: Results Region VP Wednesday 6.29.16.pdf

Hoffa's Western Region delegates, most of whom took an oath to work in the best interests of their members, violated that oath by voting against the members being able to vote for candidates for West Region Vice President.

Even though those same members pay their salaries and benefits, those delegates are so happy that they pleased Hoffa, Rick Middleton, Ron Herrera and Rick Hicks. Middleton and Herrera are now considered elected, and Hicks will be, as soon as Rome Aloise is forced out of the Teamsters for life for corruption. That will happen later this year.