Holland | Holland continues exceptional streak


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With back-to-school activities in full swing, the service professionals at Holland are giving a whole new meaning to the term honor roll.

For the fifth time this year, the company has received the highest honor awarded by a customer. ChemTreat, one of the largest and fastest growing specialty chemical companies dedicated to industrial water treatment, recently named Holland its 2009 LTL Carrier of the Year.

To determine rankings, ChemTreat rated LTL carriers on service quality in a number of categories including on-time delivery, lost and damaged product, and billing accuracy. In addition, carriers were evaluated by ChemTreat traffic, shipping and receiving department employees.

"The service professionals at Holland work tirelessly to provide an exceptional customer experience," said Jeff Rogers, president--Holland. "We are honored to call ChemTreat a valued partner and to be recognized so prominently for our daily efforts."..........

Holland continues exceptional streak
I wouldn't care if they called me during the night to tell me that we had been purchased. That would be fine by me. You would surely think that with our improved numbers and receiving attention from getting service quality awards, someone has to be looking at us. But, then again, Dollar Bill will have our price too high, trying to pay off his other stupidity, that nobody could afford us. Who knows? But, I'm still hoping.