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Hey sales folks,
Where is the freight? why the drop off in volume company wide from what I understand.

Give us all a heads up to what is really going on.

We need a sales person on here to help keep us all informed.

Just my thoughts.
We used to have a salesman write on this web site all the time. He was full of good information. I guess he got some pressure from the powers to be, and he went away. Now were back to working under the mushroom syndrome again. Just the way Hootersville likes it. TP
Sorry to say I never see a salesman except in the office once and while.
I run all over in numerous areas and rarely if ever see them with a customer.
Most if not all the interaction between the company is between my customers and myself.
The local drivers are the back bone of the company. They see the customers everyday. We have a lot of individuals running around with large egos and titles, but the only true VIP's are the Customers who pay the bills. TP
I feel that if a customer does not like the person that they deal with on a daily basis it will directly affect the level of freight we get there. This is not true always as we in the field know but it does come into play at some of my stops for sure.
Its slow at national too. I do wish it would settle down a little. Our bottom guys are having a hard time.
I see a salesman once in a blue moon. At least with the old employee meetings, we could talk to them and they at least seemed interested. I don't think they don't really care about input from the drivers. They just don't sell for Freight anymore, but everyone. No loyalty to one brand.
We were told due to our rate increase and getting rid of undesirable freight we would see a decrease in volume
upsf will take the crap freight. We take it all the time. Any other crap freight that can move pacel will be given to them.
:redface: As usual they jacked the price way up thinking people have fallen off the turnip truck again and will pay through the nose to have their freight shipped with almighty Fedex. People are always looking for a bargin in this market and with our prices being sky high it will end up the same way as before, two many people and not enough work. Look at how many people they have had to hire due to layoffs. Whatever happen to folks coming back to work after a layoff or is that a thing of the past? Better to have old hands coming back that know how the sytem works than have a bunch of part-time newbies that are looking for a pay check.
Upsf is expensive compared to the other rates out there. Some how ups calls upsf a quality carrier yet exceptions are up.
It could be attitude also
jokedly told a salesperson to sell something
his remark was ( what , with our service )
so its not just rate increases
its attitude of salespeople and local drivers and rate clerks and , F it
This is true. They are trying to improve yeild - we are taking away all those high discounts we gave out when business levels were down and trying to get rid of the non profile freight.
I was told that they were looking at some accounts that were still on 2004 rates and having to adjust accordingly. I know that my sales guy told me some of the prices they were being given were so far out of this world that they weren't even going to approach the customer with them. I think they miss the high prices and big money they were making. Problem now is they have hired ALOT of drivers, and freight has not fallen off, but maybe level off.
Price increase and Failing economy , Once again we are faced with another recession , so either way frieght will drop off .......Get ready round 2 comming down the pike . Look at foreclosures up by 6 percent than last year , 100 banks fail this year alone , unemployment numbers continue to rise , and Jan 1 your income tax will increase . The picture is not pretty .....sell the new boat , car , cut up credit cards ...because i don't see it getting any better ...Need help getting debt free ? talk to my buddy Dave ... Dave Ramsey Homepage - .
Freight is getting slower because customers are getting wise to the Fedex ways! You think our on time deliveries are really 99%? Who are you kidding? If it arrives late, route it to appointment, then we don't take a hit on the numbers. Late to a pickup? Modify the pickup to a later close time, never call the customer to verify, have the driver show up late and get yelled at, but we didn't take a hit on the numbers! What a frickin joke! Happens everyday to me, customers are ticked, but the numbers look GOOD!
I think it is guys like you that give us all a bad name. Maybe you should become a little more engaged with the company. You are probably one of those guys that comes to work moaning and only gets worse as the day goes on. Positivity is contagious, you should try it.
As for what is going on in your center, there may be some integrity issues involved, I can't say, I'm not in your center. Every center has some issues, none are immune to them. If the problem is as bad as you lead on, those causing the problem will be caught up to eventually.

I hope you as a fellow driver(city) are making an honest effort with the customers and not blowing off to them like you have done on this thread.

Yes, I have fun with the customers and am positive and honest with them, It sure makes a better day and you might be surprised what you do for the customer, results in what they do for you.

It is all about being positive from you, which breeds positive from others and makes the job more enjoyable. I work with guys just like you and they try to make everyone around them just as miserable.

Back to the original topic.
All the other carriers will be following suit to improve yield, by raising rates or shedding undesirable accounts, and when that happens we will be sitting good. Somebody has to take the lead and be the first. The others will follow, they always do. I've seen it many times in my 25 years in this industry.
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