Horrific crash after rockslide closes I-80 in Wyo.

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A blinding cloud of dust kicked up by a rockslide in southwestern Wyoming played a role in two related crashes that injured four people.

The incident happened at about 3 p.m. Wednesday on I-80 about two miles east of Green River, according to the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

Motorists driving too fast for road conditions at the time contributed to the crashes, the patrol said in a media release.

A portion of a rock formation known locally as "The Palisades" peeled from the bluff and slid toward the westbound lanes of the highway but didn't reach the road, the patrol said.

The slide did, however, kick up a huge dust cloud.

"Immediately after the rockslide there was near zero visibility on the roadway........

Horrific crash after rockslide closes I-80 in Wyo. - The Denver Post

Photo Tag : Part of an airplane ended up in the windshield of a tractor trailer after an interstate crash. (Wyoming Highway Patrol | )


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Your very welcome ! I cant believe one of the trucks was carrying a plane and it ended up in the cab of another truck . What a mess .