TForce | How can a T.M. be reported?


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When it is proven that a T.M. is running off freight and not servicing the picked up freight that same day is there anyway we can report his butt to anyone besides the joke of a H.R. person, or the joke of the complaint line? The problem is that whoever you can think of to tell is in bed with this jack ass.
WOW!!! That sounds like my TM Except that mine wears a skirt. The answer to your question is I don't know. we tried all those avenues as well and nothing. The truth is that the Big "O" cover your butt mgmt is still running the show. I have to wonder, is this the kind of co. that UPS wanted when they bought this turd 4 yrs ago? It is amazing that this kind of thing is happening, when all the other companies in town are busy and hiring we are slow and still holding freight just to keep the driver number down, with people still on layoff. Telling a customer that we can't pick up their freight because it wasn't on the plan for the day. Or, that we can't get it because we didn't get a two hour window when they are less then five miles from the terminal with drivers on the dock pushing brooms is freaking amazing to me. I'm starting to think that we might just be a write off for UPS. I hope that is not the case. Until the time comes that UPS gets rid of all the BIG "O" mgmt, I don't see this changing anytime soon!!! For the joke of the week, our mgmt told us that we made more $ then the package side last quarter!!!!!!!! If that is not having your head up your backside, I don't now what is.
Im glad its not just us, but that sounds like our terminal and others to the tee. How dumb of me to think that if we dont get freight we dont have jobs. Then to hear the moron salesperson say if ya have sales leads i sure would like to get them from you.
The company does not give a crap about what any of us think about anything. They think even less of the management at UPSF, they haven't got a raise in 2 years.
This is a major issue. This goes on at our terminal also from what I hear. We are getting about 80 -100 k tonnage a night while Fed Ex Freight and others are getting like 400-500k a night. Something is majorly wrong and broken here..
shocking.i have never worked at a place were the drivers are willing to do about any thing for the customer,but the leader ship makes sure it cant be done or you can even get a write up for doing to much,like helping with a inside dl even if its only 5 min or so. i hear we want to charge time for waiting on docks when the docks are full. also i here we no longer need to wait on a customers lunch break,we will charge time for that. thats all great if we were the only truck on the road. each of of is being turned into a saleman for the competition. of course i ask to see this all in writing but we cant show the customer that either. good luck to all. this place needs to be about the customer 110 percent
..uh.. I think you just do know every manger and those that reside in the ivory towers watch these threads..religously...

One of the best quotes ive ever heard came from a B.A. who represents the UPS small package in Knoxville. "UPS takes the one guy who actually cares about his job and customers and forces him not to care anymore" SEVICE THE CUSTOMER OR THE COMPETITION WILL! Get rid of these ಠ▄ಠ types in management and lets be the best in the business. Bring in street smarts and not book smarts.
Sadly I have to say that this is happening at our terminal as well. I hate to see it cause I know that we have great customers at our terminal. We have lost one supervisor due to stupid stuff such as this. Hope we can overcome.
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