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How do OD drivers avoid the dock?


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I can speak for my terminal and we do. You're told by dispatch to clock in starting at your gate time. We can also let our LH manager know how long we were delayed and he will pay us.
There are similar situations here at XPO. Wait time on the road is paid after one hour, unless the road is shut down etc. Depends on how it is written and who is paying you.


Just hanging out till they lock the gates
How is it that we spend 5+ hours on the FAC dock every night but OD drivers are able to do meet and turns/avoid the dock? Is it OD's business model that allows for that or do they just run a way more efficient dock operation with higher staff levels? Seems like our freight volumes are similar yet I've never heard of OD linehaul being forced to work the dock? I know I see a fair amount of OD sleepers and I've heard they're a 7 day operation, but does that really make enough difference?

I personally don't mind some dock work, but when they're keeping us at the FAC until 0600 it gets a bit ridiculous.
So, basically, OD doesn't use purchased transportation, and they ain't pimping next day lanes and guaranteed by noon service. The Con-ways were set up as small regional carriers, management keeps jamming more freight than what the system was designed for. Small terminals, limited equipment, equals more dock money for us all.

Richard Cranium

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Retired FXF former Viking line driver here. OD runs very much the same way Viking did. Also the same way FXF west did until the AF management took over.
Line drivers did not work the dock with one exception we did have a few runs where the driver would stop at a dark terminal and pickup freight or leave freight. All time spent at a terminal was paid. Our linehaul system and our hubs ran 24/7. Our operating ratio was like OD’s, low 90’s high 80’s. When FXF East and FXF West were combined the management team from FXF East took over. Their upper management were former Conway people and we entered into the 10pm to 5am demolition derby **** show. No one has yet been able to convince me it’s better to park expensive road tractors that many hours a day, pay unwilling drivers twice what a dock workers make, handle the freight more often and use huge facilities just a few hours a day.


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Really confused!
Lmao!! I'm also very confused. I would love to know an Old Dominion terminal that paid delay time. I worked for Old Dominion out of Toledo for 19 years and ran line haul for 12 of those. Not once ever did I get paid to sit around nor did I know anyone else that ever got paid to wait at a terminal.


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Confused about what? If we're not out on our gate then we're on the clock until our loads are closed and paperwork in hand.
What terminal are you out of? I worked out of Toledo and there weren't any terminals close to me that let you clock in unless you were running a cluster route but then you had to work the dock.


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What terminal are you out of? I worked out of Toledo and there weren't any terminals close to me that let you clock in unless you were running a cluster route but then you had to work the dock.
I'm out of Indy and we're not the only terminal that gets paid for waiting on guaranteed freight.

Piano Man

And they’re all working an 8 plus hour full time shift too, right? Are they working 6 days a week also?
Inbound guys at my barn start staggered between midnight and 4 am and outbound guys start coming in between noon and 4 pm. They work 5 days and sometimes weekends. All get as many hours as they want. Some work straight 40, some work 60+. I think they are at 28 and some change per hour and have bennies. They try to get young folks and move them through driver training or into management spots eventually. Some guys just stay dock workers. We have some city guys who work the patio on either end of their shifts too.
No we do not unless we sit 2 hours then they pay us starting back at arrival time. but normal night I’m in and out MRT (Morristown TN) in less than an hour. Usually by time I drop out and fuel I’ve received my hook card.
Hell of a yard they got there. Used to pass it doing my FXG linehaul route all the time. Looked very well-organized.