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How Many Centers With No DEF? (2 threads merged here)

joe bucker

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In Dallas we have not had any DEF since Tuesday (11-7). Our leadership acts lke Tommy, deaf dumb and blind. They won't put out a notice on the hand held or tablet and tell everyone to stop and buy it. All we get well it is on order.


I think all over at The Boy Scouts Camp learning Leadership skills , or the tavern , what hell would I know .....


On a final dispatch, do not get anymore tomorrows.
Well its not that much removed from human Urine. Start peeing in the damn things. Oh wait.

Its much better to have older iron that does not require that add on crap. You think to tool around town at a smokey 30 mph now and then several times a day and sit the rest of the work shift does not call for serious modern emissions and computer crap.


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Any other centers having this issue, or is it Nashville waiting till last second to order? We won't get any till Tuesday!