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Many of you know that I no longer am employed with OD. It was a great parting for both the company and myself. I left on good terms and have no regrets. So I’m not here to vent, but I have a question. This mainly concerns linehaul being city is hourly.

How many hooks and drops do you charge?
I pulled doubles basically the last 5 years of my employment. Usually I had the set left together as it was going north. But the triples driver’s, if you break a set of triples and put each one to the door, do you charge the extra drop and hook for handling the equipment twice while the hostler is playing on his phone?


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Visitor. If I hook a trailer aside from breaking & making my set at turn point, I get 18 minutes of hourly. No ifs,&s, or whats. 27 minutes for a set.


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The title of this thread just hit me. At my place, a Line driver works like a hooker. Eat, shower, wonder “in what way & how many times am I going to get f’d tonight”.
Is this what you are saying, without saying it?

"I've come to discover that being a Line driver is a lot like prison sez. The sez you want, you're not getting and the sez you're getting u damn sure don't want. " :poke:

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4 drops and 4 hooks is what I was told. If there isn’t a pull through spot or they want them on door add and notate from there.