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TForce | How TForce Freight Intervenes Before A Catastrophic Crash with Safety Suite


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This was mentioned awhile back. They would be able to “Predict” a drivers at risk behavior.
I’m sure I would be on the list for improvement.

In other words I would be no longer employed with anyone in trucking at all in America with such a scheme.

I would be branded as a form of Pre-accident risk excessively unacceptable under that system.

WTG idiots. Toss drivers on their unemployed asses based on your precious data.

I tell you all this at TForce, throw that **** away and put your energy into something profitable.


When that Lesabre is coming at me in my own lane with 6 drunken teens 10 seconds before impact in Stoney Ridge Ohio at the US23 triangle junction... thats all the time I have to find a way not to kill them with my steel beam load that night.

The buick was a yellow convertable of about the early 70s vintage. something like 3 tons of godblessamerica steel at 60 coming up on my 40 tons with steel beams loaded.

All of you predictions will instantly turn to how many millions of dollars in bankrupcy and lawyer fees paid after years of ligitation after that multi fatal smashup.

10 little seconds. 7 lives minimum. There were 5 more cars around us and several homes on that corner.,

I suppose you could have predicted those 6 particular teens planning on drinking and doing that long before I arrived to that particular junction that night on July 3rd at 8:10 pm.

Predict that then I will follow and honor you as leaders in this industry. Otherwise take that mess and shove it.

Its up to me as a Professional Trucker to "Fix it" where possible in even less time than most people have any right to ask me to have.

If there is any future at all for any of us. You can bet your ass on that. ///RANT.


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My TM never liked those Safety Trainer/Teamster driver to driver ride alongs, after accidents, yearly training or time off because of the stereotype mentality that he believes, teamsters don’t throw other teamsters under the bus. (I won’t confirm or deny that as each barn is different). In other words, they don’t write up SMITH System brain farts and/or ‘at risk’ behaviors on paper.
They would pretty much pass us on paper and let us know verbally what we could improve on. The only true issues would be caught by a supervisor ‘observation”.

It looks like this Safety Suite is going to really hone in on our flaws. Our TM claims after our safety history is inputted, it could tell us when the next accident might occur.


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Ok Predict these... Have FUN. *Smile.

OMG…it became the house of horrors……I think we hired that guy or a mild version of him.
We call him Conan the Destroyer because he can’t drive a forklift properly, he can’t seem to understand that the left foot pedal helps you load and unload with a bit more finesse. He just slams on the throttle and brakes with the same foot and always crunches pallets. We’ll sweep our trailers before loading and end up with a ton of kindling wood from him slamming skids together.
I used to run a old Cat 936 four wheeled loader. Sand and rock goes into a ready mix constantly. Two scoops there two scoops that, back for the other scoops. Occasionally climb the piles and neaten it up after the end dumps feed me more.

It had a old 330 or so 3406 in the back feeding off a 30 gallon tank for a workday. Sweet little thing.

One day a dude in a pickup truck, all custom paint and everything. Etched windows in memorial and all that shows up in my turf. Bossyman tells me to load him with rock please.

I told him I dont load stuff that delicate.

Dude exploded. I soothed him and told him that 7 yard bucket dont do dallops into a container that small in the back bed. He asked nicely Please?

I stick a corner into the pile got like 200 pounds of the stuff hardly anything in it. Try to get to it just so and tip her gently.

We ended up throwing the stuff in there with a couple of shovels. Safer that way.

They finally ran a barrel out. A 55 gallon steel drum. Told me to rodeo fill some rock into it without spilling and keep practicing.

Now that was something. A little bit of a game.

I ran off and got a scoop pile where we kept boulders. Hefted that, drove over to the barrel and put it on. (On not in)

Barrel so flat. So sad. Sorry bossy.


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Sounds like a bunch of worthless garbage to me.
There are three types of drivers. 1.Safe 2.unsafe 3.lucky

I rely on 1 and 3. I know many who are 2 and 3, and when 3 isn't there, that is when the luck runs out
Talking about safety...

One night I was parked on a top of a hill above a shipper called Plumrose in Mississippi during a ice storm.

The trailer was blocking partially a 4 way intersection, the tractor was over far enough not to block anything really wanting to get there. Nothing was happening anyway in that severe ice with rain mix. A inch or two of fall down break your pelvis and both legs kind of ice. There I am 11 at night and the place is shipping at 7 am if I can get into the gate down there below me on that hill without wrecking everything.

Then I noticed a new problem. In the height of the ice storm the wind wailed on the whole rig which was empty. I hear this skrrch. And feel the airride nudge. Stepped down and eyeballed the tractor wheels on the left side. I see the wind gust and feel it.

Then the entire tractor slid sideways about 1/3 of a inch. Then I followed to the edge of the pavement 2 feet away above a 4 foot empty drainage ditch. 2 feet. 9 hours of wind.

Lets see. 1/3 inch every 40 seconds to 1 and half minutes on average. Thats a inch per 3 minutes... If the wind kept up it would be another foot to the side closer to the ditch in roughly a hour and half. Another hour after that maybe about 2 am we would not have a truck tractor anymore and need captian hook wrecker to come get it out.


I backed her up a little more sticking that trailer at a angle into the intersection with 4 way stop. I figured getting a stack of tickets of obscruting traffic in that college town is worth being fired for losing a whole 18 wheeler.

Damned if I did and damned if I didnt. I laid there in the bunk waiting for the whole damn thing to either fall over and smash or the law to pound on my door.

Sun comes up. Time to face that gate. On ice. Then uphill to their docks with a empty trailer.

Let me tell you, it was a long day. Some of this **** they dont teach in trucking school such as spending a night sleeping in a 4 way intersection.

And they wanna bleat about safety? HA the nerve.
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