FedEx Freight | How to access handbook from home


I know I’ve seen it plenty of times on other threads but can’t seem to find it right now.

Can anyone explain and give out the website on how to access the online handbook to view policies

@Streaker69 I know that you’re the man for this :17142:
I thought that wasn't accessible from home .
That's okay I threw a few of mine straight in
the trash . If and when they want to get rid of
you , well if there's a will there's a way...
A while back I overheard the RDA and a Mgr talking about who was and wasn't doing pretrips based on yard video.
Don’t need video for that. Just look at who’s out the gate in 8 minutes.
Yeah that’s right. As far as I know I am the only person responsible for covering my backside. In a fatality accident every piece of equipment you touched in the previous 30 days is tracked down and inspected by an investigator. And you don’t have to believe me but if you are on camera NOT doing a proper pre and post trip inspection you have trouble.

I'm pretty sure whoever pulled this trailer yesterday didn't do a post trip. So I had to strip the trailer and load it on a different one. Then the truck I drove today had a blown fuse for the marker lights.

I can't complain, these issues put me behind and got me some overtime. Thanks lazy drivers!
Do you also have the map with the origional (American frt) states serviced ?
My memory sux, but I remember TX, ARK, LA, OK, MISS, TN ...... was MO and ALA in there as well ?
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