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I'm back on the extra board this bid. (my choice)

I'm covering a bid to Aurora NE. It's an afternoon bid so I'm home by midnight if all goes well. It's actually the same bid as I had last time, they just changed the cut time. So far my meet man is doing a fine job.

I'll probably stay on this run for a few weeks. I might take a vacation cover to Wakeeney KS week after next but I'm not sold on that run yet. It's a 624 mile run and I have a 45 min commute one way to work. That doesn't leave much time at home.
i got a new bid that i get to ride me around one of them TI-OT-A forklift trucks. whatchya think about that ? (we bid in 2 weeks)
Odd to see Guardrail listed as a Junior Member.
My bid is 612 miles: Out to Flying "C" Ranch in New Mexico and back to HAZ. Run got extended to balance it out better with SRT, We gained 16 miles each way and a lot of really big hills for the winter!!
that Wakeeney is a killer. Free advice, don't pull around the back side of the tire shop at night. the shiney wheels plug all the holes sometimes and it will take some time to back a set out. took me about 5 minutes.
Webbers Falls, OK and back 602 miles. Do not know who my meet guy is yet he was on vacation. The guy who filled in last week was good. He raced me there all week. Got a new cornbinder. I have to say I like it. It pulls good across what hills I have in OK. Split seat with some one who is nice and clean. Need to count my lucky stars this bid.
And, dare I say, the Internationals run at FedEx Freight speeds!!!!!
This will be the 3rd year on this bid. Portland seems to not have any qualified triples drivers to meet me, and the company seems not to care. Lots of money the company is not making not making.
Portland seems to not have any qualified triples drivers to meet me,...

We only have 4 people out of 115 qualified for triples. Granted, we only have 2 triples runs, but you can't bid them if you're not qualified. I was told that it costs too much money to get the outfit that they have train for triples out, so they will only do it if they absolutely need to.
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