I hope they fired this guy.

Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by Joseph1135, Jun 11, 2018.

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    well we see this everyday, people actually stopping to "observe" an accident, and YES, so many times, THAT causes more wrecks.

    as a truck driver, he "should have", pulled up in FRONT of the burning truck, and at the very least, make "some attempt" to call on his cell phone for help, even if it would have been a futile call.

    i too feel he should be fired, but who knows, i hope that a sizeable citation or 2, or 10 will help bury him and his dumb decision......
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    Several years back a friend of a friend saw smoke coming from a parked rig. He grabbed his fire extinguisher & ran to help put out the fire. The driver of the burning rig stopped him & told him to go fight a fire somewhere else. He learned later that the owner of the burning rig was upside down on payments & an insurance premium was due the next week. He decided to get out of the trucking business the easy way
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