ABF | I will Stand by my No Vote

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Those who demand that everything be declared see themselves as street fighters for the freedom in men's souls. But they're not. They are bullies.
This is the USA. You should not know. You have no right to know how anyone votes. That's my take on it. Like just my--

[/quote] But you do have the right to question authority as well as your elected officials. In the USA the elected officials work for us & are suppose to listen to our voice & when they don't we need to ask why. wether it's our union officals or corporate officals ( yes i know we don't elect them) it is our the fiber of our very fundemental believe that this country is based upon. Don't be lambs, don't be led by the straight lies of the big boss man.....question authority do your research find the truth....it's all there in the papers filed with the SEC. Vote NO we were told that several of our questions & statements were bold face lies we presented the reg vp with the SEC paper work he told us they were lies & not true ever!! we reminded him that these were copies of the actual proxy report on file & if he claimed they were lies then someone in ft. smith committed several felonies.....he got pissed & stormed out!!! we just weren't the dumb truckers he thought & we weren't reacting the way we suppose to........question authority don't be bullied!!
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TheJoe is a BIG AS- CLOWN


YRC and the nons thank you..
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