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Im back


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Hope everyone at New Penn is doing well I see a lot has changed. I moved to SC 3 yrs ago after a divorce to be close to my kids. I drive for IGA supermarkets and been there 3 yrs. I'm enjoying the easy winters! Take care and stay safe!
IGA haven’t heard that name in a while other then me still calling it that, the one’s that we’re in my area are now Weis markets….


US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions
Independent Grocers Association?
A lot of the small grocery stores were that before bigger grocers came in were that when I was a kid.


Yea Slaveno , I remember 2 of them from when I probably about 7 and I'm 62 now my Brother .


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We cover 3 states NC, SC, and GA. There are a ton of them down here in the South. They do well bc most of the time IGA is the only store in the town. We just been bought by Lowes Foods.


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didn't buzzuto's from conn. open or took over a distribution center in s.c.?
Bi Lo went out of biz, Food Lion kicked C&S out after they bought 70 Bi Lo's and the DC near Greenville SC. We picked up 20 Bi Lo's and turned them into KJ Market.