I'm surprised to see this company listed here?


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This was my first teamster city driving, dock job.
Ah yes back in 1966 big money $3.30 an hour to start.
But it was the same hourly wage across the board.
Casual,start,and full-time.

Deregulation changed the hourly wage to the tier system which took a year and a half to reach top pay.
It also made the casual pay at the lowest rate.

Well yes $3.30,my first raise brought me up to $3.67,but this was back in the day when gas was under $.50 per gallon,and a brand new 3 bedroom house could be purchased for 18 to 24 thousand.

I remember when I joined the union, went to the pontiac dealer and bought a brand new fire bird convertible when they first came into this dealer.
My payments were only $98.98 a month for 36 months.

I guess I will wrap up my trip down memory lane.
As now days I bring up Eazor and no one has heard of them.

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Nope nerer heard of Eazor but started @ Thurston 3.15 hr, house payment was 139.00 car payment 127.00 (1971 corvette, t tops, 454 )
Remember laying in bed at night herring there detroit's heading north on McKnight Road [Rt 19] . Stoping and starting at all the red lights , heading north out of the Pittsburgh strip district.
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They had a road driver out of Newburgh NY went by the handle "Uncle Milty". He was pretty well known throughout the Northeast. One time we were having a party out by the pool at the Red Bull Inn in Waterbury, Conn, there was drivers there from a bunch of different outfits, Eazor, Motor Freight Express, Roadway. Guys were using Uncle Miltys tractor to make runs to the liquor store. Truckers could be a pretty wild bunch back then.
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