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In a nutshell


Active Member
Let’s get a black Republican in office that’s much like Trump…. Let’s get him to bridge the gap in race. Let’s hammer the economy which will be in shambles by election time. I run a small business that caters to the black community and most of the blacks I speak with are sick of how the race card is being used. Not everyone is a damn sheep like many on here believe.
I agree with everything you said. Black folks are not dumb. Remember we all inherently are American. The left has gone sooo far left the avg American is like “woah hold up, Wait a minute? Something ain’t right?!!!”.

vetran peddleman

Today's Liberal has to dodge debate at all cost because when the facts and details are layed on the table they can't defend them, and they get their ass handed to them. They aren't smart enough to rethink their indefensible stance on the issues and switch parties.
Loyal to a fault…is what the lib dems are. L


On a final dispatch, do not get anymore tomorrows.
At some point the People are pushed too far and will start summarily shooting those suspected of being spreaders when dropped off those white buses we are not legally allowed to talk about.

Northern Flash

Let's go Brandon!
Loyal to a fault…is what the lib dems are. L
Today's Democrat voter qualifies as sheeple. They're so far gone mentally that they can't look past the (D) to try to help save our country from becoming Communist. These are the same lunatics who are allowing men to go into women's bathrooms and letting men compete against women.
The Democrat party has become a real s-show.

Northern Flash

Let's go Brandon!
That correctly describes the US demanding that Citizens get vaccines and masks, while allowing a million illegals with Covid19 into the Nation's Heartland with no penalty or plan.
Notice how the Biden lovers won't even touch this fact? We are going back into lockdown and the illegals are still flooding in. When will Fauci tell the administration to close the border? Never, since he's just a Democrat boot-licking hack.