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Holland | Inhumane cold dock work environment


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With COVID YRC has turned off all of the drinking fountains. They now buy pallets of bottled water
Ha Ha , never ever saw a bottle of water and fountains stayed turned on so nasty cancer tobacco chewing dudes could keep spitting in them !! But karma from chewing & spitting will catch up to them ...................


Cayman -15% Tax Acountant
Well getting that time of year again for the herd to thin out with FMLA & plus to now can use Covid excuse's too for get time off the nice dock working conditions !!:cold:


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How can cold stress be prevented?

Although OSHA does not have a specific standard that covers working in cold environments, under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) of 1970, employers have a duty to protect workers from recognized hazards, including cold stress hazards, that are causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm in the workplace.

  • Employers should train workers. Training should include:
    • How to recognize the environmental and workplace conditions that can lead to cold stress.
    • The symptoms of cold stress, how to prevent cold stress, and what to do to help those who are affected.
    • How to select proper clothing for cold, wet, and windy conditions.
  • Employers should:
    • Monitor workers physical condition.
    • Schedule frequent short breaks in warm dry areas, to allow the body to warm up.
    • Schedule work during the warmest part of the day.
    • Use the buddy system (work in pairs).
    • Provide warm, sweet beverages. Avoid drinks with alcohol.
    • Provide engineering controls such as radiant heaters.
We used to run between chain seasons. Run our wheels off for 9 months or so. As soon first ice shows up go home for 5 months of winter.

That fireplace looks really good right about now.
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